I will not make any jokes about what kind of month April is, or whether or not it is cruel.  Every month is cruel.  And every month kicks ass.  And every month has its secrets.  And every month has its smell.

Welcome to my site, and thanks for checking it out.  I just started it in January ’12, and have finally gotten the content to a presentable level.  And there’s more to come, yes, yes.  I find myself adverse to blogging, but I’ve decided to update this front page on (or very near) the first of every month, at least for a while, to let those of interest know what I’ve been up to.  Is that a blog?  I don’t know!  So if it strikes you, tune in around the 1st or 2nd of each month, to see if I manage to be interesting.

First, let me offer you a little tithing for the new season, in an audio recording of “Spring Song“.  Thanks to Mark Gunnion for his fine technical prowess and for having me on Pirate Cat Radio a few years back, when this take was recorded.  You can read the text of the poem on the Fresh Words page, and listen to it here.

This month I’ve managed to pour a lot more basic content into this site.  So if you haven’t checked for a bit, I’ve filled out the Books and Journals pages, posted a number of videos to the Performance page, and just recently have added several April readings to the Events page (more below), and posted April’s poetry selections to Fresh Words (including two new collaborations with Jack Foley).

Heading to the East Coast of the United States of America for the entire month of April, where I expect to see many faces and buildings.  I’ll be in NYC from the 10th till the 20th, and will do a few readings there which you can find listed on my Events page.  Also reading in DC on the 25th.  Will do a little driving tour somewhere in there (who knows how many more years we’ll be able to do that), and will spend the rest of the month with the folks in NJ.

I suspect that April will reveal a collusion of old objects.

After a March of heavy work, I shall enjoy the collision of lives and strives that is the East.  Striding fine and feeling lime.  I plan to get me some good visit time with lots of friends and poets and clowns and founding fathers, so this post next month may be my first Social Column.  What funs!

Now go enjoy something unexpected.  After all, it’s April.


I am in my room.